Wednesday, November 28, 2007

McDonalds and Munchkins....

..yes, I know, a weird title but I couldn't think of anything else ! It is relevant though!
Today I met Caz for lunch (I know, don't see her for months and then twice in one week! ;) ).We settled for a McDonalds, the first I have had for absolutely ages !I have to say, the after thought of having a milkshake made it even more worthwhile!!
Onto the subject of munchkins, I have now finished Holly's costume for her part in the Wizard of apron and hat decorated with big felt flowers (courtesy of Louise - I knew I'd find extra uses for them!)to be worn over a dressing up dress.Em has now been told she needs to supply her own pink jacket as part of her Pink Ladies costume (they are doing Grease)...back to the drawing board!

Feels like I have 101 things to do before the weekend so I need to get organised tomorrow !
The advent tree is well on it's way to be being finished.I practically copied Jen Hall's totally! I need to wait for some ribbon to add to it and finish stamping all the numbers on the boxes.

This evening I've been to a friends Avon party and have come home armed with lots of yummy smellies!

Photo is of me ,Caz and Lyzzy after the crop last week.Note to self...must work on that double chin!!

I am off to catch up on some much needed sleep!


domestic goddess said...

lovely photo of your three muskateers!!!
husg xx

Sandie said...

Wow you sound really busy!! Love the photo!

lyzzydee said...

Even I like the photo and I am in it !!!!
Fancy going for a Macdonalds, I expect that was the safe option, I expect Caz was worried that you might forget your purse !!!!