Friday, November 16, 2007

Time for a change...?!

I was trying to put away some of my scrapping papers the other day...and came to the conclusion that I really need to start using more! Admittedly I don't buy as much as I used to but I still have a lot to get through.So I think I may just start doing some more simple layouts,just for me.Anna and I were talking the other day and were trying to work out why we wait for that 'perfect' photo to scrap instead of just using one of the hundreds we already have!So I 've decided it's time to use up some paper and scrap older photos,wish me luck!

Christmas shopping is now just about all done,just the basics like cards and wrapping paper to sort out.Oh, except for Geoff who will be getting nothing if he doesn't give me some more ideas!

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us, just catching up on stuff around the house :)

I'll leave you with a peek at my layout for Pencil Lines this week :)


Sandie said...

Oooh I love your sneak peek, is that SR I spy??

Scrappermania said...

Love your sneak peek!

Ann(i)e said...

i am so totally with you on that one....SAVE SAVE SAVE..WHY???
That's why we need to have a little scrappy weekend where we only bring our FAVE stuff!!!

lyzzydee said...

You know Sue to have to break free and scrap all the non perfect photos, otherwise it'll look like you only had 'perfect photos' The bonus with average photos is that you can chop them up a bit and liberate yourself. I have always liked the simple lines of a plain layout and I don't really get on with overly fussy stuff. I feel my layouts with lots of stuff don't feel right. Like you I have a load of stash and I really must try and use more. I honestly think it'll all come back into fashion again and that will be sometime soon, so i am holding on for that point.

domestic goddess said...

so love your layuot, ok i know i say it all the time!!
speak tomorrow
hugs xx