Sunday, November 25, 2007

Searching for the impossible?!

No, not a Nintendo Wii...but something far more accessible -well I thought it would be anyway...Holly is usually pretty restrained with her Christmas & birthday list and this year has asked for Tigger pyjamas. Easy!! Not!! Can I find Tigger pyjamas for a 7 year old girl anywhere? Nope.... Pooh and Eyore yes,but none with just Tigger on.So please,if anyone knows where I can find a pair of girls Tigger PJ's , in an age 8-9 please point me in the right direction!
It has been so cold at times this weekend that I have started to feel really Christmassy!Yesterday I had Christmas music on whilst I did the ironing and then settled down to watch Love Actually in the evening :)
Whilst doing a very late night blog hop the other night I saw this little beauty on Jen Hall's blog. Having already seen the tree itself in Tesco's the week before ,I decided that I have to do one too.So in a very early AM shop I ordered the Love Elsie Noel papers(look away Lyzzy!) from Papermaze,and yesterday I picked up the tree in Tesco.I spent yesterday afternoon covering it and just need to add the numbers now.
On Friday Lyzzy very kindly paid for me to go cropping ...I was in shock at her picking me up on time and forgot my bag! Caz came too and we had a fab time.Even though I had to bag a photo from Lyzzy to scrap as I hadn't printed any off!I will be better prepared next time, honest!I just need to add the title then I can share the layout I got done:)

And finally, being Sunday means it's a new sketch for Pencil Lines.This week we were sponsored by Bad Girls kits.Now I'm not going to pretend I found this one easy, at one point I nearly gave the kit back to Anna...but I love the layout I eventually did with it.It was one of those 'complete accident' layouts...I'd printed the photo off to scrap with some other papers but happened to put it down on top the Hambly transparency...and hey presto! Everything on the layout is from the kit :)Go check out everyone else's fab layouts here !
A busy week this week! Tomorrow I have to take Em to the Orthodontist for a check up on her braces, I need to sort out a costume for a munchkin and a Pink Lady for the school show,we have Holly's birthday on Friday and her party on Saturday - phew!!


lyzzydee said...

Well I had a great evening, for me its getting worse, last time I only paid for your chips, this time it was the cropping fee!! But it was worth it even though once inside I then had to give you a photo to scrap. The good news is that was the one and only time that I have ever been ontime and its highly unlikely that I will ever be on time ever again, so next time you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself!!
Hope you find the pjs you desire because they don't exist in America!!
Have a nice week, don't work too hard and one night let your kids stay up until the end of the 6pm news!!!!

ania said...

Lol really...I totally loved this kit :D But I understand what you mean with nearly wanting to give up kits - been there bit my teeth together..;) Am glad you didn't give up cause your's is a sweet one :) Ps. Wanna see your finished tree! :D

Yuko said...

Hello Sue!!
Your take for #60 was so gorgeous!!:)
I spent like whole week what to do with the kit ;p
It was tough but so challenging now I feel like making more BAD GIRLish pages.

Sandie said...

Love your layout Sue, as for the pyjamas I'll keep my eye out for you ;)

Scrappermania said...

Hi Sue, beautiful Layout!

Ann(i)e said...

oh crumbs on the pjs.....when do you need them?? i know where we can order me if you have two to three weeks before the big day!!
i am off to tesco tomorrow for the box!!

Jana Eubank said...

Gorgeous "accident"! ;)