Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A headless chicken ... what I feel like right now!! How women with three kids and a full time job cope I will never know...I cannot cope with two kids and a part time job! I feel like a bad mummy just now and I don't like it! However that said, I have all uniforms (mine and theirs!) ironed and ready for tomorrow morning so that is a step in the right direction!
Now I know I said I was going to do cj's etc last night ...but I changed my mind and did a LO I have been meaning to do for a this photo of Holly!This is a little tribute to Kirsty.To explain, Kirsty used to have a blog banner of herself pulling this face, so whenever I was reading her blog,Holly would peer over my shoulder pulling said face!
I tried to take some photos of myself pulling daft faces for Kirsty's latest challenge..but to be honest they were just plain scary!! So I've deleted them!
Picked up a copy of the new Creative Scrapbooking mag today and it is just fab! Lots of shiny pages full of gorgeous Lo's and Anna's face on far too many pages ;)
Last day at work for me for this week tomorrow - woohoo!Hoping to fit in a trip to the gym first but they may have to wait til Friday...


Anonymous said...

Love that LO it is FAB!!!!

Love Ali xxx

domestic goddess said...

the LO is fab, kirsty is gonna howl with laughter when she sees this

Anonymous said...

julie says

just love it and also love the pics Kirsty takes of herself pulling faces.She even manages to look good pulling them.not worked out how to sign up to comment!!
julie x