Monday, June 26, 2006

Angel kisses..

I know I keep raving about these so here is a pic to show you their scrumptiousness!
We have a challenge on at The Lounge at the moment where you can win some of these beauties!
All you have to do is show us how you've used your kisses. It could be a card, a tag , a layout or a CJ entry - just inspire us!
I have been a good girl and been to the gym today, and I've tried hard on the diet ..but it's so boring!!
I am off now as I have a pile of CJ's to do and a star book to start !


domestic goddess said...

oh wow sue what a fab piccie they look good enough to eat :)

Anonymous said...

ditto !

Anonymous said...

Fabbo, they are so yummy!!! Remember signs of being Angelic include the inablity to complete a LO with out using Angel Kisses, other symptons include have a large collection of Angel Kisses but still wanting more...if this describes are Angelic!!



travel factuals said...

Wow those are pretty flowers.
A very nice display for all to see.

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