Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day four...

Haven't done any scrapping this week so today's pic is of Geoff's tattoo that he had done on Monday.
I'm still not brave enough to get one done though!
Tomorrow Anna is hopping on a train and coming to see me.Hopefully we will be dining on stodgy French pastries and olives (well Anna can have the olives all to herself!) as there is a Continental Market in the town centre at the mo (ooh la la!) I will also be packing some alky -hol so we can have a little picnic !!
We will be taking our cameras so I may post a pic of us tomorrow night!
Had some really sad news today that I don't feel right sharing on here...but it makes me realise just how precious life can be.
On a happier note, the girls have had World Cup week at school this week. They've been studying different countries in each year and visiting the themed classrooms with 'passports'! They've also been doing lots of sport activities and Holly has informed me that she is very good at gymnastics! Now why doesn't that surprise me...


Anonymous said...

that's a perfect tattoo - family circle x

domestic goddess said...

love the tattoo, had such a great day today Sue, must do it again in the summer hols. Life is precious babes and we must cherish every moment with our loved ones
big hugs

Kirsty said...

wow - how scary is a tattoo? I said to mark that its more bindng than a wedding ring.
still, it goes to prove how much they love us... or perhaps ink?!!