Sunday, September 02, 2012

Final few days ...

All too quickly the holidays are nearly over :( I wish we could have done more as due to Geoff's back we haven't done our usual bowling,shopping trips or family London trip this year :(
On Wednesday last night we had a very wet and cold day at Whipsnade Zoo :( I think it was the worst weather we've ever been there in! Typically the rain went off around the time we headed home :( I think it's the first time we have seen all the lions together like this though!
On Thursday afternoon Anna and the girls came over,just squeezing in a visit before the holidays finished! The weather was much better than the last few tomes they've been over so we went for a walk to the fun fair at the lakes :) All four went on the Dodgems which was hilarious to watch! Whilst Izzy and Holly screamed and laughed their heads off the entire ride,poor Em looked terrified!
Can't quite believe these two start senior school this week!

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domestic goddess said...

love that photo of Holly and Izzy!