Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holly's creations :)

As mentioned in another blog post ,Holly made my cake this year :)

The Lorraine Pascal version was completely covered in Maltesers,but this was just the right amount :)
In August Holly also made a cake for her friend Tom :) When we went away to Cromer we found a lovely cake shop which was like an Aladdin's cave to her! We got two packs of ready coloured fondant icing as she already knew then what she wanted to do,and this was the end result :)

Blood Brothers was so good on Friday,we both cried our eyes out! The seats were fab too, seven rows from the stage :) The cast were amazing ,if you can get to see it before it closes in November - go!!


Claire Crompton said...

Those cakes look amazing, watch out Nigella!!

C x

domestic goddess said...

My goodness she really is getting so good! I think she has found her niche!

painting antique furniture toronto said...

love the first one cake,looks delicious!