Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New beginnings

Today Holly started a her new senior school :) It was a bit of a strange day...once she'd gone ,part of me wanted to run and sob into my pillow while the other half me was like 'oh, that wasn't too bad actually'! Considering how anxious and worked up she used to make herself a couple of years back,she did so well today.She had a few tears and butterflies but soon got her happy face back on,and happily went off down the road with her friends and one their older sisters.Em is doing work experience this week at her and Holly's old junior school so they are going in opposite directions this week! Once I came back from work I hoovered the house from top to bottom,cleaned & tidied and then started to clock watch until Holly arrived home! She is shattered but had a good day :) I'm feeling slightly redundant in that I no longer have a school run/walk to do any more!
My little girl is growing up too fast :)
Em enjoyed her first day of work experience,which is good as she was a bit worried about it! She had booked to do it at a local ballet school (the closest thing available to something theatrical!)but it turned out that they don't start back til next week ,and she has to do her work experience this week :( Today she was with year 6 and her teacher from when she was in that year and had a really good day :) Let's hope the rest of the week is as much fun!
Starting to get slightly excited now about seeing Wicked again on Thursday :D :D :D

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Claire Crompton said...

They do grow up so quickly and each year it seems to get harder, but as my Mum says you have to let them go.

I hope you enjoyed Wicked again, how many times is that now?