Wednesday, September 26, 2012

London & Ghost

There seem to be lots of shows closing soon or have closed recently in London,hence our recent trips to see a 'few' shows :) One of those is Ghost the Musical which Em was really keen to see,me not quite so keen! For the cheapest tickets without sitting in the gods we opted for day seats.So yesterday morning I caught the first off peak train and headed to the box office in the hope they would have something left! We got seats in row B in the stalls,which in hindsight probably were too close to really appreciate the effects of the show but did mean that Em was in complete awe when the actors came right to the edge of the stage!Em absolutely loved it and to be honest I just liked it.I think it's probably because I'm so familiar with the film.I'm glad I went though (and I'm trying to ignore the thought that I could have bought a day seat for Wicked instead ;)!) Afterwards we did stage door and got our programmes signed and Em got her photo with the two main leads :)

As there was not much point me coming home again after buying the tickets I had the rest of the day to wander around :) I think I walked miles! This year I have really learnt my way round parts of London,if the underground ever breaks down,I should be fine!I went to Oxford Circus,Marble Arch,Victoria,Buckingham Palace,Leicester Square,Covent Garden,Westminster,Trafalger Square...I think that;s it!

I had a really nice day just mooching around at my own pace :) That is it theatre wise now until the end of October :)


domestic goddess said...

Check you out photographing the sights of London!

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love your photos!

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amazing! thanks for sharing