Thursday, August 30, 2012


On Tuesday Em and I went for an early birthday theatre trip for the pair of us:) We both wanted to see Chicago ,but when they announced it was closing on September 1st it got moved up our wish list of things we want to go and see! I booked the tickets as part of Kids Week.This, and Get Into London Theatre are great ways of booking great value tickets as you can see where the seats are available and choose them yourself :)
Anyway, Em was very excited when Robin Cousins came out to see her before the show,after she'd tweeted him earlier in the day!We also spoke to a couple of other cast members before and after the show and they were all really friendly :)

As we had gone in to London early we had time to go the stage door at Wicked ,to see if we could get Em & Holly's programmes signed (I didn't have one of the current cast :( )We did feel a bit daft and at times a bit like stalkers! But it was worth it as we met all three leads ,one of which is Rachel Tucker who currently plays Elphaba,and who is Em's theatrical 'heroine' !! To say she was over the moon would be an understatement! Needless to say the photo she took of me is totally blurred from her shaky hands!

Seeing Chicago is the start of a 'musical' month for me :) Next week I am off to see Wicked as an early birthday present with Geoff,tickets were booked way back earlier in the year :) And at the end of September I am going to see Blood Brothers with Em as my birthday present from her :)Just a little bit excited :D

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