Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January pages :)

I have finally got rounfd to finishing off my January pages :) I decided to go with a main layout as I really wanted to do a page about our Wicked trip :) I've also done a calender page but I'm not sure I'll share those as everything is on them, from parties (the girls, not me!) to dentist appoinments!

I've got lots of smaller page protecters if I want to add extra photos and want to vary it from month to month.Saying that though,I don't seem to have many Feb photos yet....other than lots of the snow!!

Last week we wnet to see Em's school show .which was great,she really enjoyed herself :) She was sad that it was over though after six months of preparing for it! When we left the house it was snowing lightly, by the time we came home three hours later we had two or three inches! Luckily it wasn't bad enough to close the schools on Friday though, as Holly had her last year assembly.

I have some gorgeous snow photos to put up here that I took late afternoon at the weekend when the sun was starting to set,so i will be back soon hopefully :)

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Claire Crompton said...

I love your January pages and love Holly's hat (I wear one very similar!). Eye spy writing on your layout well done you it's not easy is it?,but very effective.

Have a good weekend.