Sunday, February 05, 2012

Our patience was rewarded :)

As forecast, it snowed!It started about 6pm -ish and I'm not sure when it stopped! Em had a dress rehearsal all day for her school musical later this week,so she didn't come out sledging with us :(
This year was the longest we have stayed out I think, thanks to the new gloves and waterproof trousers! Holly didn't complain about being cold once,wish we'd bought them before now! As per usual most of Holly's school were also out sledging and we had a really lovely morning (although my feet were frozen!)

Although she was not really in the mood,I persuaded Em to come out in to the garden once she was home,just for a little while!

Holly spent spent ages out in the garden making a very cute igloo (probably just about big enough for a cat!) but the photos aren't great as it was a bit dark by the time she finished it :( There was also a bit of angry snow throwing when part of it collapsed!

Although there we are not forecast any more ,there is still lots of snow every where.Hopefully both schools will be open tomorrow !

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lyzzydee said...

Great shots, you are lucky to have pink loving girls, something I have never had!!!!