Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A layout

I finished this layout the other night, having started it at the crop. I pinched the idea of the black border with the pink paper from Claire's Lo here :) I'm aware that mine is very wonky - those scalloped scissors are not easy to cut straight with!I am also trying to put a bit more 'info' on my layouts ie dates, story etc.I need to go back through all my old albums at some point and at least date the photos on layouts where I haven't ,or they will mean nothing to the girls in the future (if they decide to keep them!)

It is still freezing cold here :( Yesterday we had blue skies and sunshine, melting a lot of the snow but it is back to being an ice rink out there now having frozen again last night.

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to Hemel Hempstead with a friend.It is years since I last went and it has changed totally from the fond memories I have of going there with my Mum ,Dad and sister when I was small! I found the coolest t-shirt in Primark :) I'm not sure about the colour but the words and photo?? I love them :) Sadly it has a hole in the seam ,but if I can't change it at another branch I will just mend it as I want it so much!

I am off to go and attempt to warm my cold hands up by doing a huge pile of ironing!


domestic goddess said...

love this so much! I need one xx

Claire Crompton said...

I love your layout and the pink and black are very classy together. I'm also trying to be a little bolder and write on my layouts, not always easy but I guess it's important to tell the story of the photos.

I love that T-Shirt that is so cool!