Thursday, March 01, 2012


Whoops,blogging has fallen by the wayside again :( Possibly because I've not been up to any thing interesting?! Last months crop was cancelled so I haven't even got any scrapping to share :(
Today was World Book Day ,Holly's last at junior school :( Last year she missed it due to her school trip so she wsa really looking forward to today:) She decided a while ago that she wsa going to go as Hermione from Harry Potter :) Em dressed uo as her many moons ago so we pretty much had an outfit already :) We plaited Holly's hair last night whilst it wsa damp to make it even wavier than normal and I printed her off a Gryffindor badge late last night :)
Today was also Secondary School Allocations day....yikes!We weren't supposed to get emails until after 6pm,we were one of the lucky ones though who got ours much earlier! Some of Holly's friends were still waiting two hours later! As expected Holly got her first choice, but it still feels a bit scary now that it is getting nearer :(
Tomorrow we are helping Holly's friend in support of Big Yellow Friday,raising money and awareness of Children's Liver Disease.So far I have madeRocky Road (and resisted eating it all!) and tomorrow I will be making cookies and muffins for the cake sale :)

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Claire Crompton said...

Holly looks fantastic, she's such a pretty girl.

You were good not eating the cakes, not sure whether I could have resisted them. :)

Take Care
C x