Thursday, April 10, 2008

Summer is a coming...

or it feels a bit that way anyway as I have done my first lawn mowing of the year!Actaually, I use the term lawn in the loosest possible's like trying to mow the Himalayas it's so lumpy & bumpy.I finally resorted to using the strimmer after hitting a pile of stones half buried in the grass by Holly,thus snapping the belt on the mower...I'm hoping (weather permitting) to start digging out the beds in the front garden soon and begin planting up the hanging baskets ,plus putting in some sweet peas again.Funny to think that this last time last year we had planted all the seeds in the veggie patches! Might attempt them again this year but one of them needs to made a bit smaller first. With the weather being nice the last few days the girls have been spending lots of time out in the garden after school wearing themselves out.As a result Holly has been sleeping in til about 7.15 in the mornings - a miracle!
No scrapping being done here I'm is still like a tip with stuff all over the place :(
But..look out for these on a layout very soon! I was going to share these Maya Road sheers with Anna, but sorry hun, they're so gorgeous I think I'm going to keep them all to myself! I'll give you some Galaxy instead!
Tomorrow Holly starts at Brownies, she's looking forward to it as she'll be with several of her friends from school :)
Lots of boring house stuff to do this weekend ie food shopping, run to the tip etc etc.Geoff is working on Sunday so weather depending ,us girls will be going out for a walk or making cookies! I'm also hoping we'll be getting Enchanted so I'm sure that will be watched too ( anything to break the non-stop High school Musical marathon we seem to be stuck in at the moment!


domestic goddess said...

and there's me shouting at the screen, going "OMG they are gorgeous I have to have me some of those stunning maya road transpaarencies"

Sandie said...

LOL I want some too, and I have just found a US Store that sell them - yippeeeeeeeeee