Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I saw a mouse...

...and I don't mean Holly's favourite Mickey Mouse either... We've noticed mouse pooh in the shed recently but never managed to find them - until today.As the weather was dry I decided to try and move out and re-pack into new boxes some of the stuff piled up in there.I moved a bag from on top of the kids old carrycot (it was being used to store stuff as it has a plastic base and keeps things dry)and oh yuck, I was hit by the smell of mouse wee!! They'd chewed a bin liner up and nested in there :( I dragged the carry cot into the garden and with being disturbed, a little furry face peeped out at me resulting in a very loud scream from me!With Geoff typically being at work when I needed him, I rang my Dad! Whilst waiting for him to arrive I thought I'd pull said cot into the middle of the garden...prompting one mouse to jump ship and run into next doors garden!When my Dad arrived he bravely moved the bag that was on top...and the second occupant hopped out and legged it back into the shed!!Yes, we'd forgotten to shut it! We eventually managed to chase it back out again and have now boarded up all the gaps until the whole thing is replaced next week - not a day too soon!I'm just glad we got them out, I really didn't want to have to kill them, as despite stinking the place out they were actually quite sweet looking and I am a bit of a softy!

This morning we went down for a walk by the lakes for a bit of fresh air and to give my camera a bit of use! As both girls were wearing their wellies they decided to go for a paddle in the river :) They had wanted to do it during the summer but it was always packed - today they had the place almost to themselves!It was ctually quite warm and summer like today at times - at long last!

Not much else planned for this week.Holly is sleeping over at my Mum & Dad's tonight and on Friday we're having a second attempt at an Easter Egg hunt with their cousins! At some point I guess I need to do some scrapping too...haven't touched anything for a week now.

The Scrapping Angels retreat is fast approaching too...I can't believe it's been almost a year since the last one!Am looking forward to seeing some old faces again plus the new ones too!


kez said...

Ha ha ha! I can just see you running round your garden chasing mice!!!
The only mice I found in our garden yesterday were 'gifts' from our cat....
REALLY looking forward to the retreat; can't wait to catch up with you :-)

x x x

domestic goddess said...

eeeks!!!! to the mouse!

lyzzydee said...

I bet they are back in the shed, they can get into very small places as I can confirm. We had a family living in the cavity wall of our old house, they got into the house via the loft and one night one made it into our bedroom.
So I stood outside the door waiting for tom to kill it, when the mouse squeezed under the door and ran over my feet!!!YUK!!