Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lucky Me

I won this fab 'hanging' at the auction on Saturday :) It was created by the amazing Gigi ,one of the SIS Tv Fashionistas.I have loved her work since seeing her art journal cards for Emily Falconbridge's prompts last year.Thank you for your Gigi for your generosity , I hope you don't mind it coming home with me!I now need to find the right place to hang it out of the way of sticky fingers!

Just for Ania,here is the bag too :)

I have a whole heap of ideas for stuff that I want to do right now, but I don't seem to actually doing any of it :( I much prefer scrapping during the day ,but then I feel guilty that I should be doing other stuff ...Next on the agenda is re-doing Holly's room, as her new Ikea bed is still packed up behind the sofa!

Tomorrow I am popping over to Anna's to help unpack stuff from the weekend.

And I have to share this photo pinched from Anna's blog as I love it! I normally spoil the photos I'm in, but I actually like this one for a change!


Sandie said...

It was so good to see you Saturday, you worked SO hard, you're an absolute star xx

domestic goddess said...

love that photo of us, i am sure i replied to thsi before :(
and thatw all hanging is just WOW!

lyzzydee said...
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lyzzydee said...

I deleted the previous as I had made a typo!!
What iwas trying to say is, that its a beautiful photo and that you shouldn't do yourself down.

ania said...

Ah adorable!! And congrats, that hanging looks fab! :D