Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So, so envious...

of whoever gets to take home this sweetie at the weekend!I have a feeling there won't be enough pennies in my pocket to secure her a place in my home,so whoever wins her will be one lucky person!Verity has been very very kindly donated to the auction by Little Cotton Rabbits.Go and check out Anna's blog to see the other fab items up for auction at the retreat .We are hoping to beat last years amazing total of £700 for the very worthy cause of MS, in memory of Anna's dear Dad.So, retreat girls, empty out your penny pots and bank accounts and come with your purses full!I am waiting on a very special 'item' for the auction from an amazing person, fingers crossed it arrives by Friday.If not, I will take along a photo so the girls can bid on it and I will post it straight on to its new home when it arrives :)
I'm starting to get excited now, though as per usual I'm not at all organised!
Today I have made cookies for Holly's school year cake sale, and this evening made a batch of fairy cakes which I will turn into butterfly cakes tomorrow morning!I have also caught up o some hoovering as well as shifting lots of boxes out of the kitchen & living room - hurray, it's starting to look better by the day!
After the retreat I will be having a clear out/sort out of my stash and re-storing it all !Then maybe I will start using it more!
And to cap it all..it's been sunny and warm today!!
Still on my to-do list for this week are...make name badge, sort paperwork for the weekend,tidy house before I leave..oh, and dye my hair.Yep, I am going play it unsafe and do it the day before I go,will probably leave it on too long and turn up looking like a Goth! Nah, hardly likely...but if it goes wrong I won't have time to re-do it!


domestic goddess said...

oo i am so curious as to what you have up your sleeve!!!
see you friday hun xxx

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I seriously NEED that bunny....watch out Angels....she is going to be mine!
can't wait to see you in just two days!

lyzzydee said...

Have a nice weekend