Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A day out..

..or at least a trip 40mins down the railway line anyway! Today I went over to Anna's to work work work! Really we could have done with a few more hours but those things like real life and children get in the way!Anyway, we got a lot of kit packing done ,paperwork sorted and Galaxy eaten :) The weather was gorgeous so we ate lunch outside , a first this year! And on the one ocassion I actually managed to remember to charge up and take with me an Ipod shuffle -what do I do? (No, not just pick up the headphones like last time!) I pick up a 'spare one' (NOT mine) which only had three double albums of Christmas songs on...and the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing! I was not impressed!By the time I'd found the Dirty Dancing songs I'd almost reached Anna's...

Yesterday I finally got round to ordering a proper 8.5 x 11 album so hopefully it might be here tomorrow and tidy up the drawer where my Lo's and albums are (the small LO's are in ab ag at the moment!) I think I should be getting 2 cj's in the post too, making that 3 to do by next Friday...mission impossible maybe?!

This is the only photo taken today,a rush job as we dashed off back to the station!


domestic goddess said...

thank you hun for being such a good friend xxxx
i am scrapping this photo right now, lol

lyzzydee said...

Galaxy???? I'll tell miss.