Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Getting into the Olympic spirit :)

Today i decided to take a trip into London with girls to join in with the Olympic spirit the nation is currently enjoying :) WE usually do a day trip to London during the holidays but as Geoff isn't up to walking far we hadn't planned one this year.However it seemed a shame to miss out on everything that is going on so I decided a bit last minute (yesterday!) that I'd take them to Hyde Park today as it was my day off and the weather forecast looked ok :)
The train and underground were pretty much the quietest I have been on ,this afternoon Kings Cross was almost deserted!
Anyway,going today meant that we got to watch the cycling part of the Men's Triathlon :)My photos are pretty rubbish as I had my camera on the wrong settings,but I did manage to get the Brownlee brothers both in one picture ,albeit it slightly blurry!
I hadn't realised that all the big screens and Cadbury House were all enclosed and classed as a 'venue' ie they had the same rules as the Olympic Park.This meant not being allowed to take any food or drink in with us :( Fine if you're only there a short while but if you were there all day it would cost a bomb ! (£7 for a cheese burger,£2 for a bottle of water!)Also the queue for Cadbury House was almost 2 hours by the time we got there!

Instead we decided to walk to Victoria and visit McDonalds for lunch which was decidedly cheaper! From there we got the tube to Tower Hill to go and see the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge :) I had a nightmare with my Canon camera which refused to focus on anything :( I realised when I got home that the focus button had got knocked in my bag from auto focus to manual focus - oops! Luckily I had my trusty Fuji with me which I still always take out with me as the zoom is so good!
I'm glad we went as the girls can say there were there,when they are older :) We came home with loads of maps which the London Ambassadors freely hand out everywhere you go :) You can't fault the signage on the tube and train stations or the helpfulness of the staff and Ambassadors :)

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