Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whizzing by

As per usual the summer holidays have whizzed by and the girls will be back at school in less than two weeks :( I have been juggling working and making sure the girls see their friends and trying to do stuff with them.The last two weekends the weather has been way too hot to do anything though - I know,you just can't win!
Last week we took a trip to Hitchin Lavender field with my dad :) As with last year it was really sunny so I have a fair few 'squinty' photos from the sunshine! Sunflower picking is now included in the admission price so we came home with loads! My photos really weren't that great,but here are a couple :)

The school shopping is now all done - thank goodness! Tomorrow Em gets her Year !0 results including her final grades for her Graphics exam - yikes!
We have finally got Holly sorted out with a proper phone ready for the new term.I honestly don't think I've ever heard her scream as loudly as she did today when Geoff gave it to her! (It was a surprise!) It's the first time she has had a new phone as her others have been hand downs (not that she has really needed or used them much!)Just need to sort her out with a door key and she will be ready for independence....sort of!!

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domestic goddess said...

feel like it has been an age since i stopped by your blog. Loving the Olympic photos, and the Hitchin Lavender Fields.
Huge congrats to Em xxx