Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh well...

...that mad spate of blogging didn't last long ! Possibly because I haven't done much scrapping again re cently :( Though last night I dug out a 'not sure what to do with it next' Disney layout that had been hanging around a while, and finished the title on it :) Better than nothing! I should really start sorting out my August photos for documnet 2011,though I can hardly believe August is nearly over already :( Not to worry though as we are heading towards Autumn, my fave time of the year :) Conkers, crunchy leaves..what's not to like ?!

So, I am just trying to remember what we have been doing the last couple of weeks...last week we went for our annual trip to Whipsnade Zoo , with no accidents this time :) We were very lucky with the weather and it was a very sunny warm day :)

On Saturday we had made arrangements to meet Anna at car scrapyard in Hitchin for a photo shoot with Em and her friend. Anna left home in sunshine, we left in white cloud and by the time we met at Hitchin it was chucking it down with rain :( Anna did what she could but we had to call it quits early :(Such a shame as there were amazing backdrops for photos there,old rusty buses ,piles of cars(!!) and lots more . The place is absolutely huge,I would love to go back and have a really good wander round there one day :) On Sunday we went to Thurrock and had our favourite Pizza Hut Express meal for lunch -yum!

True to form the weather was rubbish yesterday on my day off :( We went out to Stevenage in the morning to get school stuff for Em and played Scrabble in the afternoon :)

This afternoon after rubbish weather in the morning,the sun came out :) So we paid another trip to Hitchin Lavender as the sunflowers have finally strated to come out :) It may have been best to go next week when more are out but we went while the sun was out! Trouble was, once again the bright sunshine meant lots of squinting and Em pulling a strange face every time she took her sunglasses off!

They have started to harvest the lavender now, but it is still worth a visit :)

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