Friday, September 30, 2011

Sneaking in... make at least one post in September!!
So since last blogging lots has happened. ...

Geoff and I had the last week of the school holidays off so we all went bowling and did a day trip to London :)
The girls went back to school (I am so not ready for Holly to be in year 6 :( )
I had my birthday :)
We have collected huge amounts of conkers!
We went to see Em get two Achievment awards at school :)
We have been to senior school open evenings for Holly :(

Hopefully I will get round to uploading a few photos of what's been going on!

But to start off with these are a couple from last weekend :) The wea ther has been gorgeous,the conkers have fallen down and there are crunchy leaves everywhere.These photos were taken at Ayot St Lawrence,just up the road from us.It really is my favourite place to go at this time of year :) Holly is modelling her new hat :)

Tomorrow we are off in search of pumpkins (which seems totally barmy considering the weather!) so I may be back soon with photos :)

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