Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oops...long time no blog!

So I thought I'd better do an update! Life has seemed a bit upside down what with all the bank holidays and short days.There also seems to be lots going on :)

Last weekend Holly went away on a two night Brownie holiday and had a fab time kayaking,canoeing and lots of other things.She is so lucky to be part of such a great pack ,her leader has arranged so many great things for them to do over the past three years.It was also a bit sad as most of the girls she joined with have moved up to guides and it was their last activity altogether. This week she is away again ,on a three night school trip...yikes! This will be the longest she has been away from home so I'm hoping she is okay. I know I will be so pleased to pick her up on Friday evening!

Today we went over to Anna's to take the girls to Lilly's birthday party - A Mad Hatter's Tea Party! I will share a couple of photos now and some more once Anna has blogged too as it was all her hard work :)

Who'd have thought a very old Cinderella dress would be fab as an Alice dress too ?! (Note it's now at her knees, not full length!)

In other news, the kitchen is getting there :) We now have the proper work top in, so that makes a big difference and it's starting to look a bit more 'pretty', with some added 'knick knacks' :)
Hopefully I may have some scrapping to share soon as it's crop day next Sunday :) I haven't scrapped since the last one in March so I'm hoping to catch up on my 2011 album at least!

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Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

thank you so much for coming and a huge thank you to Em for all her help xx