Saturday, April 30, 2011!!

Yes, I know there quite a few of them but I wasn't quite sure where to start ! The main pc is still out of action so Geoff has put my photos on his netbook and discs for me.I am currently using his netbook which scares me slightly as I am worried I will do something irreparable to it!
These first three photos were taken over at Moneyhole Woods (Lyzzy's place apparently!) We had never been there before until a couple of weeks ago which is a shame because it is absolutely beautiful ! The bluebells were out (as you may have noticed!) ,the sun was shining and the light was amazing.I have many more photos but thought I would bore you in small doeses :)

These two photos are a couple that I took when we went over to Anna's for the afternoon :) Anna took lots of beautiful ones whilst I hovered around behind her getting in the way!

The kitchen is getting there! All the units are in,just waiting for a couple of replacement doors as a couple of wrong ones were delivered.The worktop is being fitted in the next couple of weeks sometime and then we will almost be done :) I will share photos in another post :)

Yesterday we ,along with most of the nation I think sat down and watched the Royal Wedding :) I loved it, it just seems so long since there was an event like it, I'd forgotten what it felt like! Holly was mesmerised and sat through the whole thing, waving her flag :) We put some bunting up and had mum and dad round for afternoon tea :) Oh, just one last photo :) Cupcakes with homemade Union Jack toppers made from cocktail sticks and paperchains!


Claire Crompton said...

Oh Sue these photos are stunning, I just love the one with Holly and the bubbles. Those cupcakes look scrummy!.


Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

love your cupcakes and flags so sweet xxxx

Becky said...

Nice to see you back with some photos :) The ones of the girls are great :)