Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh so quiet...

This morning (very bright and early!) Holly set off with the rest of her year for a three night trip to York. I was quite prepared to cry my eyes out once we'd waved her off,but as she went off happy and smiling I was much calmer than I'd expected :) In the past she has got herself in a bit of a state before going away which in turn has me worrying about her the whole time she is gone. I think though she is over that now which makes saying goodbye that much easier . The school are updating their blog regularly too letting us know what they have been up to, I'm quite envious of their fish & chips for tea! This evening they are off on a ghost walk round York ,having visited the Jorvik centre and the Shambles this afternoon.

Whilst she is away I thought I'd try and sort out Holly's room....I wish I hadn't started! I knew it wouldn't be a one day job but at this rate I could be there til Christmas! I have no idea how she ends up with so many 'bits'. In reality I'm guessing she will naturally grow out of a lot the stuff in there soon,bearing in mind she'll be starting senior school next year (although I'm still in denial about that!) ,so I'm trying to thin it out a bit now to give her more room.

As Anna has now put up some of her photos from the weekend I will post a couple more of her fabulous finishing touches..and that cake !!


Becky said...

I hope Holly is having a wonderful time. We went to York a few years ago and did the ghost walk and the Jorvik centre - both great. Good luck with the bedroom - Penny has finally taken control of hers and she is now 20!!!!

domestic goddess said...

have fun in Hollys bedroom!!

Claire Crompton said...

Hmm that cake looks fantastic.

Charlotte has loads of 'bits' too, maybe it's a girl thing!!.

I hope Holly is having a good time in York.