Sunday, March 06, 2011

What I did last Sunday

...whilst I was cropping was my Feb pages :) I was a bit more organised this time though and cut out all my photos and put them in the relevant pockets before I went :) I also got time to start my Feb feature page about Em's Madrid trip, but that isn't finished yet as I needed some info from Em about what they did when :) I also started another Disney LO but I'm on the verge of taking that apart as I don't really like it ! (I have to work out how to do it without wasting too much paper first though!)

So Feb's pocket page...

Probably a bit boring to look at but it has got quite a few bits in it :) I've decided not to bother with an envelope as well though as I didn't put much in the one on January's page!

Divided pages....

There are a few blanked bits on these as there are people in the photos that I haven't asked if they mind me putting their photos on here.So fear not, I wasn't sat in a a restaurant on my own with three wine glasses and an empty bottle! And the title on the Momiji page is now complete (it should say Lillan!) as I ordered some more letter stickers this week!

Last week Em was off school with what was probably an allergic reaction to something.She has few spots and as the girl she shared a room with in Madrid has chicken pox we had to be safe.She was not impressed at missing four days of school...

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip on my ownsome to the Galleria.I never used to like TK Max,but now I have worked out which bits I like I quite enjoy rummaging in there :)Yesterday I got a couple of packs of WRMK papers ,plus a D Ring album with divided page protectors & papers for...£11...bargain!

I can't think of anything else interesting we've done to be honest! I will be back soon with another layout from a crop last year that I have just finished off :)

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domestic goddess said...

you bargain hunter!
Hope Em is feeling better
Anna x