Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ladies what lunch :)

Last Saturday the day finally dawned for our visit to London for Anna's belated birthday pressie :) Along with Karen, we went to London for tea at the Ritz,as well as a wander round Harrods.As you can imagine ,Anna was in her element in the food halls ,whilst Karen and I were pretty sure we'd lost her a few times! After browsing the horrendously priced Hello Kitty section (it had to be done!)and various other out of our price range departments,we went back to the food halls for Lola's cupcakes (pressies for the girls),posh cakes and breakfast yummies (ie huge croissants!)
We then made our way to the Ritz,where it can truly be said, we got our money's worth! I didn't realise that they would re-fill everything (more than once too!)

After eating a 'few' sandwiches each it dawned on us that maybe we had better leave some room for scones and cakes! Just as well we did as the scones were to die for,even better smothered with jam & cream :)By the time we'd polished off extra scones (!!)it was looking doubtful that we would manage the gorgeous cakes.However Anna and I forced ourselves to sample them ;)We had a wonderful time there, the atmosphere was lovely, not too formal and we weren't the only ones with cameras! (Though I think Anna was the only one with a fixed lense, so that the poor waiter had to disappear way over the other side off the lounge to take a photo of the three of us!)
Sadly the tube ride back was the most hideous I have ever experienced but we survived ! After arriving back at Anna's we finished the day with a 'few' glasses of vey nice wine:)Needless to say we were still stuffed from our tea & scones!
Sunday morning Karen & Kevin left for Newcastle and Anna & I went cropping .I'm glad we were inside for best part of the day as the weather was horrendous!I got a LO done, stated on an altered book thingy(whilst scaring Kerry with my knife weilding!:) )and half made the mini book that Anna taught :)When I got home I was welcomed with a tin of cookies the girls has made for me :)

We have had beautiful sunny weather the last couple of days which has made me feel so much brighter too :) I've have done lots of cleaning ,just need to get my head back round the holiday planning! I did go out and buy suntan lotion today though, so that's another thing to check off my list!

Pop back tomorrow when I will be having a little give away on my blog :)


rebekah22 said...

What a fab day! I've very jealous.

domestic goddess said...

i had the best day with my best friends !!! loved it and cannot thank yoy both enough:)

Becky said...

What a wonderful day! Glad you all had such a nice time.