Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maybe tomorrow....

I will be able to update with some photos! I have been driven mad by our PC the past week as my internet and emails have even been crawling at snails pace or non existant for best part of the week...*scream*
This weekend has been another busy one.Saturday morning we went to see Chipmunks the Squeakuel at the cheapy cinema in town, Now I know it's cheap but that still doesn't excuse the stupid woman next to us who rang someone from her mobile after the film started and then got up and went out,squishing past us, about 3 times.
Late afternoon we went over to Anna's to tie up a few loose holiday ends :) :) .We dined (to Anna's dismay!) on Dominos and Em practised her driving skills on the X Box! I stayed over and we spent the evening chilling out in front of the TV and the laptop before realising what the time was taking into account the clock change!
Today we were cropping ,and I think I might stick to taking the minimum in future..Kerry, you'd be so proud of me,I got four LO's done! And all I took was three packs of paper , my photos ,tape, mat & a punch...rather than half the house as usual.
This week sees me running round like a headless chicken I think....yikes!
I'll be back with photos of the LO's once they have titles on them :)

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Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

she updates at last, hehehe, cannot wait to see your layouts finishd :)
hugs xx