Friday, January 15, 2010


I popped into my mum & dad's today to borrow something that my Dad had to go down to the shed for.When I looked in the bag (which was a fairly new one) there was a tatty little book in the bottom of it, which turned out to be a very old 'Brownie Ventures' book of mine! I can only assume it was in the shed for some strange reason! Mum thought it was my sisters but looking at the name of my 'six' I could still remember all their surnames :) Anyway, what I found inside the book made my day...

Look at that...I made a Scrap book (And I think the other 'object' might be an apron?!) ,probably in about 1977!

And this page makes me giggle,I gave myself two ticks for getting up in the morning with a smile!!

I am so glad I found this,I'll put it with my Brownie certificate and add it to my list of things to scrap :)

So, what's been happening since Monday....

Mum's tests at the hospital showed that she didn't need any further treatment at the moment,which was fab, thank you for the well wishes for her ,I really appreciated them :)

The trip to London didn't happen :( (long story!) ,but should happen sometime in the future, fingers crossed!

And I think that's about it...most of the snow is now gone, but we're still left with loads of slush and ice on the pavements...not nice :( It would be nice to step out of the door without having to wear my wellies and without having back ache from walking weirdly so as not to fall over!

This evening I started a LO (thud) though without having a deadline for it, it could be a while before I actually finish it so don't hold your breath!


domestic goddess said...

you were born to scrap!!!
Love it!
cant wait to see you tuesday hun xx

lyzzydee said...

Bless, what a great find!! I had a similar moment when at age 11 I won a photo display competition at was my first scrapbooking display effort!! See you wednesday??
PS glad mum is ok