Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a start...

So despite treating myself to some very nice stash in the sales ,I still haven't actually done much scrapping :( Last night I was in the mood, printed a photo, only to realise that I'd already used up the paper I was planning to use - typical! So I ended up finishing off a Lo that had been sitting around since the last crop I went to in ..erm...October...ooops! I made it using some photos I already printed and Anna's crop kit.Apologies for the awful photo, it's so dark at the moment, even in the day time!

The snow is still here, though it seems to be melting a little bit,very slowly and we had a few more light flurrys this afternoon.The snowman's head is just about clinging on for dear life in the back garden!
But how cool are the icicles on this tree/bush thingy? Not the best photo as I was on the other side of the road but better than nothing!

Tomorrow both girls are back in school, normal times ,which makes life a bit more normal again!I seem to lost all sense of routine the past few weeks!
This week sees my Mum go into hospital for a heart treatment so am a little bit apprehensive about that,but there is a chance she could be in and out in a day,fingers crossed.
Then on Tuesday I am going to see Legally Blonde,the musical in London -woohoo!Never seen the film,but I just love the excitement of going out to London for the evening :) (Can you tell I don't go out much?!)


domestic goddess said...

love the icicle photo, and so wish i could have joined you tuesday:(
Send my love to your mum for me xx

Claire Crompton said...

Lovely layouts Sue. The icicle photo is fab. My little girl is going back to school tomorrow after being off for nearly a week, as you rightly say it will be nice to get back to some routine.

Hope your mum's operation goes well.


lyzzydee said...

Hope your mum is ok, dad is in coronary care at the moment after a heart attack last week, waiting for treatment at Lister at the moment