Friday, September 04, 2009

Today was Em's first day which meant that it was her turn for a photo shoot...much to her resentment!And it was time to take some of them both,though most of them are awful as Geoff was messing around and making them look all over the place!
And it's the weekend tomorrow -woohoo!
Tomorrow afternoon I'm taking Holly & her friend to see Hannah Montana The Movie (again!) as it's on at the cheapy cinema :)Then I need to do some serious catching up on the ironing and housework stuff :(...
Today I went and got myself some trainers for Sunday,so I think I am all ready :)Just need to try and remember what tube station we get off at! Holly is all excited already and has been wearing her MS tshirt for the last two days in preparation :)


Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

Em is looking so grown up!

lyzzydee said...

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