Friday, September 18, 2009

The big 4 0...

Yep, yesterday I turned the ripe old age of 40.I'm still not sure whether I should laugh or cry,but lets face ,life isn't that much diferent today than it was two days ago!
I had a lovely day yesterday being thoroughly spolit,hence today feels like a a bit of a downer! But it's also our 16th wedding anniversary today so I'm not really down,as that's quite an achievement these days!My pressies included two momiji's, some gorgeous silver bracelets,DVD's, and a 'small' shopping spree yesterday ,amongst other things :)Anyway, the celebrations aren't over yet,as Anna's turned Sundays crop into a mini b-day bash and in October I get to go out and see Wicked in London with Anna as my pressie from her :)
I know the photo is a totally un-original idea but it's better than nothing! Okay, so you can't see the photo at the mo as it won't let me upload it, but it will be there sometime!


carina said...

happy belated birthday!!
and happy anniversary♥


domestic goddess said...

just got home form a long and tiring day, about to email and wish you a happy anniversary, but i have said it here instead!
Looking forwrad to see you Sunday, have a few tricks up my sleeve!
hugs xx

Sandie said...

Sounds like you had a fab birthday, I love the photo too :-)

lyzzydee said...

Lovely picture!! Hope you had a good day!

Muckyfingers said...

Fantasic photo and a gorgeous LO to go with it. Hope you had a great day lovely lady xXx