Monday, October 20, 2008

Strange but beautiful

No, not me ;)..but the sky this morning when we got up (which was far too early...the weekends should be made three days long...)
I know the photo with the telegraph pole in is a bit out of focus,but it shows the colour of the sky really well.Holly was most put out when the sun rose fully and the sky went back to normal!

This afternoon we went in to see Holly's teacher to see how she's settling into year 3.It makes us so proud when the first thing the teacher says is that she's a joy to teach :) She has a couple of confidence issues caused by something that is being monitored ,but other than that no real problems :)
Tomorrow I have the interesting stuff to a pile of ironing and a whole load of house work -great...!! Though it's supposed to be sunny so I might go out with my camera and take some nice Autumny photos :)
And before anyone asks,I'm still waiting for my glasses ,but I promise to show you them when I get them...maybe ;)


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

so super pretty....
love your PL layout this week!!

Em said...

Wow, those photos are so beautiful.

SUe, thank you SO much for pointing out the paper I used on my layout. You know, it had been bugging me so much that I should have known the range...and of course it is Autumn Leaves. I can sleep easy at night now LOL x

Sara said...

We had that sky too, so pretty!

jakey said...

amazing pictures!

Our sky is just grey grey grey...!!