Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am useless... blogging at the moment :( And I can't even pretend that it's because I lead such an action packed life either!
So a catch up on the week just gone...
On Tuesday I went over to see Anna for the day as Karen was down visiting :) Anna's suggestion of a girly trip to Ikea was not well received by Karen (can't imagine why not!!) so we opted for a stay at home girly day instead.We got all Anna's kits packed for her next couple of teaching weekends.Believe me, the kits are fab and jam packed :) We sang our way through a very good film which is now definately one of my faves,before heading out for a lovely lunch.A very nice man in the car park noticed us trying to do the arm outstretched photo thing and offered to take one for us,just a shame he stood so far away!

On the way home I popped into the shops to finally replace my hairdryer which went bang about two months ago,it's so nice to be using a decent one again after so long!(See,I told you my life was exciting!)
Yesterday afternoon I fancied a trip to Stevenage but there werre no trains running so I ended up mooching around the town instead.I ended up treating myself to a cute Cath Kidston button tin to keep my needles and sewing kit in,a Hello Kitty keyring and some christmas tree baubles.Yes, yes I know it's only October and believe me ,I am the first to shout at the Christmas ads on the TV,but I know that by the time our tree is up, the baubles won't be there!
And I also got my glasses -woohoo! Must admit that I love them and have been very good wearing them when I've been reading and scrapping.
Right,I am off to bed as I'll be losing an hours sleep ! Or am I gaining one? I'm confused!

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domestic goddess said...

taht button tin is so cute, i neeed!!! LOL