Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party weekend

On Friday Em had five of her friends round for a late birthday 'do'.Luckily at this age they seem to amuse themselves and were happy enough dancing ,eating and singing High School Musical karaoke on the Wii :) All the girls got on really well (they go to several different schools now) and there were a few tears when everyone had gone as she misses one of them in particular so much.She was also missing Holly a bit as she stayed over at my Mum & Dad's for the night.I love how even though they wind each other at times they miss each other when they're apart,even now they're older.Long may it last!
Last night both girls had a sleepover at my mum & dad's as Geoff and I had a very rare night out and went to a neighbours birthday party.Poor Geoff had to stay sober as he was driving whilst I was a bit the worse for wear by the time we came home -oops! The weird thing was though was that by 2am I felt perfectly sober no hangover for me this morning! We even got a lie in as the girls didn't come home til lunch time.
Yesterday afternoon Holly and I went for a walk to the lakes.I think I have put her off throwing leaves in the air for life! I really need to learn how to use my camera properly by next Autumn so that I don't keep missing shots!

My Pencil Lines layout for this week is another Autumn themed one, I'm making the most of the gorgeous weather we've had the last few weekends with the camera!
I used Basic Grey Ambrosia & Mellow papers
Hambly overlay
Basic Grey Mellow letter stickers
Bella Boulevard paper (the cut out trees)
And did lots of distressing & inking!
The smaller picture which isn't very clear is of some tiny toadstools we found in the woods :)
This week we have Holly's teacher consultation,I have a trip over to Anna's on Wednesday and maybe I'll get my new glasses too:) I chose some funky ones in the end,a different pair to those I first tried on.If they make me look intelligent,I may share a photo...don't hold your breath!


lyzzydee said...

Go on lets have a look at the glasses!!!
Did you get up to a weird coloured morning?? it was very red here!

Sandie said...

Love your PL layout Sue, gorgeous!! I have to wear glasses too, its not much fun, but you get used to it!

Sara said...

I wanna see the glasses!