Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkins...and snow!!(Yes, really)

Bit of a barmy title I know,but that is what today has consisted of!This morning we headed off to Willows to meet up with Anna,Izzy and Lilly.I have never seen it so busy and we had to queue for ages to get in! Admittedly the pumpkin field wasn't as good as last year but that maybe because this year we have gone earlier in the week before everyone else had trampled the greenery down a bit! The girls insisted on choosing pumpkins that were green,so I popped into Tesco's to get a nice orange one on the way home! We did manage to get a few photos of them with various pumpkins though (not that that was the reason we went!) They also had fun feeding the baby goats (Anna's latest thing to put on her 'I want' list ;) ) and Holly was most put out when a cow slobbered over her mitten whilst eating grass off of it! We had a nice picnic out in the cold,Anna brought the practical stuff like lollipops for the kids whilst I brought WW yoghurts (plus spoons!) and Alpen Light bars ;) The girls also went gold panning and had a go on the water cannons

As we arrived home,it was raining and really cold.By 7 o'clock however it was snowing...heavily and has settled!Absolutely mad weather for October,and it's still snowing now!


Mathii said...

wow! wonder if that weather will come here to sweden soon? hopefully before christmas haha!

izzy said...

i had a lovely day yesterday, i want snow !!!!

domestic goddess said...

oops that was me above