Sunday, January 13, 2008!!

So this afternoon Geoff discovered an 'on demand' karaoke channel on the TV....ouch!! Now I love my children to bits, but they really don't have the best voices sometimes! Anyway, much wailing and dancing followed this I took myself off into the kitchen to prepare the roast for tea and start on a CJ!!

Bit of a quiet day here...I'm sure I won't sleep tonight as I've not even stepped out of the door today! I still seem to be lacking any get up & go...I'm not ill...just feel ..flat for want of another word!I think I just need some sunshine...shame there doesn't seem to be any on the horizon!

Tomorrow I have to take Em for an Orthodontist check up to see how her brace is getting on,and whilst over there I need to go wellie shopping or Holly!

Let's have another go at showing my layouts...!! There's no point in showing the sneak of my Pencil Lines as it's now live! The layout was done using a sponsored kit from Fresh I have a good reason for using Scenice Route again this week - I had to!The photos are of Holly a couple years agao after she'd been told off (I have no idea what for!).I love them because she has her'summer hair' - it dries really wavy when she gets it wet in the paddling pool!


domestic goddess said...

adore these photos of Holly,
hope all goes well for em tomorrow
hugs xoxoxo

lyzzydee said...

So you are doing another circle journal, i mean considering the problems that you have had with the previous ones you would have thought that you might have leant something. This time you need tokeepa closer eye on things and make sure people actually do a page and send the book on at the correct allotted time. I think you could do that by making sure that they all promise not to mess you around and keep the books for months and months possibly years in some cases before getting them back to you. I hope your subject matter is one that will be stillrelevant in three yeras time when the journal arrives home again.
I hope you have chosen well because I for one couldn't bear to go through all the trauma of a blocked CJ process again.
Good Luck at the orthodontist and I hope that you get the wellies, why you need them is a bit of a mistery, its nearly summer.
How is the wall??