Friday, January 04, 2008

I need to catch up !!

On everything!

Thank you for the comments about 365 journal :) Sadly I haven't got any further and it's still lacking a title! I am keeping up with making my notes though and will start filling the journal in next week once the girls are back in school.The fab thing about this is that you can do as much or as little as you want :) I doubt I will do a layout every week but I am hoping to put photos in the journal along with my notes.Todays prompt is about a normal day...well my normal day consists of lots of Diet Coke and at some point a phone call to Anna!So photos will addded of a can and the phone! It did make me think though...a normal day is full of routine,which I admit I get bored with.But then we have the holidays, after a while I start to miss that routine ,and the guarantee of two walks in the fresh air doing the school run.So maybe I should maon less about the routine days?!

Tomorrow we are off to the Bowkis residence to be wined and dined by the Domestic Goddess herself ;) I have a list of 'to take's which includes Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and a rather gorgeous red metal cake stand...I'm sure Anna will post pics once she has assembled it (which she will probably do five minutes after we walk through the door!)

No new photos to share I'm afraid as the weather is just so dark here the last couple of days, so I'll share one of Holly using her Golden Coin maker last weekend (a much wanted Christmas present!)


domestic goddess said...

looking forwrad to having you hun!!!!

Sandie said...

Have fun tomorrow :)

joanna said...

Oh crikey, I cannot show this to Anja, she has been on about a Golden Coin Maker for months, and naughty Father Christmas completely forgot :O!! I'll have to make sure it's at the top of his list for next year. Hope you're all having a lovely time chez Bowkis xxx

lyzzydee said...

Have a great day don't eat too much !!!