Thursday, December 27, 2007

A very Momiji Christmas?!

Now I know they're not everyone's cup of tea...but I love that the girls (and Geoff!) can go and choose these themselves for me (unlike scrapping stuff where I have to order it myself!) I was very lucky girl this Christmas and my collection grew by five ,plus the gorgeous snowglobe:)
I was very lucky to be given Blu by Anna - thanks hun!As well as Momiji's , I got lots of scrapping goodies (Scenic Route and KI papers, BG file set,lots of treats from Anna) and the usual socks, knicks,Terry's Orange and some spends :)Oh, and a space I can relive my youth!! The girls got High School Musical for the Wii so there's been lots of loud tuneless singing going on here!
The girls did well,most popular pressie I think was Holly's Minnie Mouse ears...they've pretty much remained on her head since they were opened!My mum & Dad came here for lunch and yesterday we went to theirs along with my sister ,her Dh and girls.All the calendars went down well -phew!! Hope they don't expect them next year !!

The girls at Pencil Lines have been working ahead to keep up to date over the festive period so I can share a sneak from my layout for this week!


Sandie said...

I love your momiji dolls, everyone seems to have them! SO glad you had a great christmas!

domestic goddess said...

loving your momiji collection hun, and that sneak looks, mmmmmm

lyzzydee said...

Well I hate to say this but i don't actually mind your collection of dolls, and I know what you mean about the family being able to choose for themselves, it gets to the point that its nice if they can choose something that they think that you will like, which of course you will because its part of the collection of dolls whcih you have already told them or stongly hinted that you do love, so any of the dolls from that collection would be instantly acceptable. Unless of course you already have the particular one that they have chosen. Mind you its unlikely that they would chose two the same becasue they would know that you already have that one in your collection. I on the other hand might choose one that you already have, because I am not sure what you have. (although I am now as I have seen the photos)The chances of me remembering to get you one is remote as i couldn't even remember to send you a birthday card!!!!

Boo said...

Hallo Sue my lovely. Oh I do miss you. Where do you hang out these days? :D
I love your snow globe. I simply must get one of these for my Vikki's birthday on 18 January. She doesn't collect Momiji dolls but I know she'd love this as she's always wanted a snow globe.
Take care darling, love Boo xxx

Tracie Hudson said...

Oh! Sue! Your Momiji's are wonderful :D I spy a copuple I got for Crimbo too!
Your LO looks fun - cant wait to see it!
Have a wonderful New Year.

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

brilliant on the momiji glad to see and read you had a wonderful christmas!!!
lots of love to you!!

jakey said...

Beautiful snow globe there girlie!
Never seen a real Momiji doll, but they certainly are cute.

Happy New Year from me!
jk xx