Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Charity shop chic?!

So, as per usual I was a little bit late sorting Em's costume out for her school Christmas show...but look how it turned out! I am so pleased with it and she loves it :) The original plan was to use a skirt we had been given and just sew in anet underskirt.It soon became apparent that this wasn't going to work,hence a quick dash to the town by my Mum & I.We toyed with the idea of buying a pattern and fabric in John Lewis but were put off by the fact it would have worked out at about £25 in all.We were on our way home, me to search ebay and my Mum to search the Yellow Pages for dress hire shops when we decided to pop into a charity shop 'just in case' We found the pictured gorgeous dress, which already came with an underskirt and a trim of black net attached.And lo and behold we also found a pale pink bomber jacket to complete the Pink lady outfit - there is a God!! So three metres of shocking pink net and a few hours later and her costume was complete! On days like yesterday I so wish I owned a sewing machine! Anyway, I have one very happy Pink Lady and enough net left to make a brides headdress (for dressing up purposes only!!)for Holly! Got to love charity shops!

Today has been spent trying to tackle the amount of mess in this house! I made a start on my wardrobe chucking out about half the contents.Trouble is, it still houses umpteen photo albums, books,christmas pressies etc etc! Stiill, at least I can close the doors for now!


lyzzydee said...

Brilliant!! You have made a great outfit, hope she enjoys her play!

Anne said...

now that my friend....is a GREAT story!!!
so happy for you all!!!