Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ticking off the list.....

...of things that I have to do!Today I managed to finish and post off the 'commissioned' layout I have been working on.Doesn't that sound official?! Actually it was for my SIL's Aunty -in- law.....if there is such a thing!And whilst I had all my stuff out I got another job done by making Anna's birthday card :) Why does it seem just so wrong to send another scrapper a shop bought card?!Anyway, my conscience is clear now!
So...the girls Christmas show is now done and dusted...lots of tears after last nights performance! Em 's were because it was her last Christmas show at Junior school, and Holly...because she will miss Emma being there next year!I will take photos of them in their costumes over the weekend as we weren't allowed to take any of the shows themselves.
Yesterday was a fab day! Anna came over and we did what we do best...went shopping and ate out!I am so tempted to poke the pressie bag that now sits under my tree...but I am resisting! We ate at Frankie & Benny's ( see Anna's blog for our scrumptious pudding!) and also did a bit of shopping for the men in our lives...Wii accessories anyone?!I also gave Anna her birthday pressies and her reaction was to squeal a lot so I think I got it right!
My poor camera has been sadly neglected the past few weeks so I have no new photos to share, so I'll use this one from the other week! These squirels were a couple of gardens away from us but fascinating to watch!
And it's official...Lyzzy stalks me where ever I go....;)

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Sandie said...

Glad you had a great time with Anna, and that your getting all your jobs done!! This time of year is just SO busy!!