Thursday, December 20, 2007

I hereby pledge...

...never to attempt to make any Christmas presents involving more than photo .....ever!! I am nearly there with the calendars, just one more to do!But I think this will be the last year I try something like this...last year I made everyone exploding boxes and this year it's been the calendars.But finally my 'to do' list seems to be getting done, though it doesn't seem to be getting any shorter does that work?! This evening I have bagged and tagged the teachers presents for tomorrow, finished decorating a book for a friend of Em's,done a whole c******* (I'm sick of the word, so I guess you must be too by now!)...and not a lot else! Hand made cards have fallen by the wayside this year bar a few very simple attempts!I think Anna and I will making be a pact to start our Christmas prep in August next year!
Tomorrow is the girls last day at school and they finish at 2pm.I am hoping to pop back for the carols assembly mid morning :) All pressies are now bought though when Geoff said he might go shopping again I did drop some very non-subtle hints (I'm guessing showing him a picture online is being non-subtle?!)I still have some wrapping to do, as well as a LO and a write up for a project, which is a new one on me!!(But sounds good doesn't it?!) Hopefully, I am planning to get everything finished on Saturday evening so that I can collapse on the sofa come Sunday!
Right , I am off to bed as my eyes have just about had enough for today.Here's a little sneak of my Pencil Lines layout for this week :)


Sandie said...

I'm so glad I didn't commit to making too many gifts this year, you sound exhausted! I hope you get to collapse on Sunday as planned ;)

domestic goddess said...

do you have really sore fingers as well, lol
2 calenders done, 2 to be done!
hugs xxx

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

hehe...i bet ALL your creations are gorgesou!!!

ania said...

Teehee :) Merry christmas eh? :)