Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Oh Anna and I finally made it to a place where there were pumpkins(Along with Geoff and the four girls!)!!Sad, I know but we have been hoping to make this trip trip since last year!!

After a slight delay stuck in traffic (made up for by High School Musical 2 blaring on the car stereo at full blast!) we made it to Willows farm park :) First off we went in to the animal villages where the girls happily sat and held guineas pigs and rabbits.Then we made a move for the Pumpkin Patch.We were a bit worried that there might be none left, but we weren't disappointed! Despite there being lots of squashy ones, we eventually found four huuuuge ones!! (lesson learnt though....the huge ones weigh an absolute tonne and it's a long way back to the car park!!).
Holly was happy to pose today...yes, I did arrange those pumpkins around her I'm ashamed to say!Geoff carried two of the pumpkins whilst Anna and I pathetically struggled with one each! After some lunch in the (very cold) fresh air we watched the Sheep Stake Trials, Daft Duck Trials , went for a tractor ride and spent time in the play area
By this time we were freezing cold and decided to head for home.Looking forward to next year already ;)!

This evening another sketch has gone live on Pencil Lines, all part of our 1st anniversary celebrations :) Here's mine,

I used

Doodlebug papers

Angel Kiss flowers

Poundland Halloween 3D sticker


ania said...

Damn!!! I'm so jealous!! :D

Annie said...

that looks and sounds like so much fun!!!!
gorgeous pictures and LOVE your card!!

lyzzydee said...

Brilliant pumpkins at last !! hope you enjoy them.
love liz

Sandie said...

I love that card!! Great photos too.