Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Party on...!!

Oh yes...we have a mid week sketch go live for you tonight :)

Our wonderful guest is the gorgeous Annette :) I actually made a mini book last night (even Anna was shocked !!) and have done these two pages to the sketch.I am going to fill the rest of it with other pictures and 'rituals' from our autumn walks and outings! This is my fave season and this little book will be a perfect way to save some my memories :) And it's a good way of using my Mellow Basic Grey scraps left from my Autumn Fun layout.

This evening we have been to another senior school open evening with Em. Saw lots of people we recognised...these evenings seem to kick up an awful lot of memories!

The weather report says we will have sunshine for the next two days...which makes me feel very happy! You just can't beat a bright crisp autumn day!

Gotta go, have a date with Channel 4!!


Annie said...

did the postal service know i had a little something something to send to my lovely friend sue?????? if they had, i think they would have thought twice about the strike....hehe
just be watching my dear!!

lyzzydee said...

Very nice Sue, Just think I would have been able to have done that of you had remembered about scalloped card, oh well, you know who your friends are don't ya???? eh ? eh??

domestic goddess said...

love your mini, mini book hun xxx