Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How fab is my friend??!

I received very happy post today , from the wonderful Annie!! Look at this wonderful box of goodies,can't wait to start using it :) Thank you soooo much!That along with my delivery of the new Scenic Route Salem papers put me in a very happy mood!
We have had another mid week sketch go live over at Pencil Lines,you can check it out here.Have to admit that mine really isn't my best work, but I tried!These pages will eventually go in a mini book of our day in London :)
Not much to report here, though looking forward to half term next week - woohoo! Actually I am looking to the weekend first as Geoff and I are going away on our own for the night,same place as we went last year.Hoping to do some Christmas/birthday shopping (lots of birthdays in November in this family!)and having a nice meal at the hotel in the evening.Then next week we will be going to Willows farm with Anna and the girls - fingers crossed it doesn't rain and that there are some pumpkins left for us!
Earlier in the week we had the girls consultations with their school teachers, no problems at all , they are both doing really well :)This week we have another assembly, this time Em's year, doing a Midsummer Nights Dream (well not all of it obviously.....!!)


ania said...

Yumminess!! And the layout is so beautiful!!

Annette said...

I'm going to be a pain in the proverbial my lovliness. I've tagged you and the details are on my blog xx

Annie said...

i am so so so glad the postie got your package to you so quickly!!!!! have fun with it....can't wait to see what you create!!
lots of love!

lyzzydee said...

you have a friend ? what a nice gift !