Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's a miracle....

..(well two if you count the fact that I'm bloggng !!)I actually scrapped yesterday! Can't share it as it's my Pencil Lines sketch for this week! I went over to visit Anna yesterday to deliver birthday and Christmas pressies and rifle through her stash! It was so nice just to sit at a table (I generally scrap on my lap!),chat and scrap!I was even very cheeky and sneaked a peek inside her birthday bag (that is one cool 'A'!!) from Ann(i)e! I am very jealous of the tiny bit I could see! So, my layout is mainly made up of stash nicked from Anna! The one thing of mine that I wanted to use has completely vanished off the face of this earth! I guess it doesn't help that I have stash in three diferent cupboards, all crammed in precariously and likely to fall out at the slightest touch! See, now if I had Anna's lovely room,I'd be soooo organised and tidy......mwahahahaha!

So, why haven't I been here for so long?! Well, nothing earth shattering really, just life getting in the way! Last week saw Holly's birthday (can't believe my 'baby' is 6 :( ), working etc etc.This week I've had a day off work as Holly was sick and it was lovely just to catch up on stuff around the house. We escaped to the park for a litle while in the afternoon,just to get some fresh air and let Holly wear her new hat!
This afternoon Holly had a party (one of the many !!) so Em and I stopped off by the corner shop to buy marshmallows and squirty cream.Once home I dug out my huge Friends mugs and we treated ourselves to hot chocolate with all the trimmings!Tomorrow there are two parties to attend (one each) and Em has a dance exam in the afternoon - phew!
This week also sees the school Christmas play performances so I'm expecting two tired children come Thursday! I sat up til gone midnight on Thursday making Em's costume. I had tried to get one on ebay but with no joy.So I sat and made a white apron , complete with broderie anglaise trim, , bib and straps plus a mop hat trimmed with broderie anglaise.Amazing what you can with an old sheet, your mum's pinking shears and some elastic (also nicked from my mum!) Couple this with a black frilly blouse from a charity shop and a full length black skirt, two Ikea buckets and you have one milk maid from 'Oliver'!!(From the 'Who will Buy' song scene!)
Right , well I seem to have from one extreme to the other and rambled on for ages so I will leave you with a picture from this afternoon (I'm sure I never took photos of stuff like this till I scrapped!)

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Anonymous said...

so good to see you hun,and letting me have my bifday presisie early :)
I so need to get me some squirty cream and marshmallows. Now dont forget to blog tonight