Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 10!

Week 10 Pencil Lines sketch is now up so I can share mine with you! It amazes me how we all manage to do the same sketch so differently!It has felt good to scrap again and this evening I have been working on a Cj to be handed over (hopefully!)tomorrow.My lack of organisation is seriously starting to annoy me though, I can nevr find what I want to use!I think the New Year will call for a huge clearout and tidy up.....
Just a quickie tonight as I don't have much else to share after yesterday's mega post!
We currently have a bare Christmas tree here as the lights that I normally wrap around the middle of the tree are kaput! And at 5.30pm on a Sunday afternoon there was not a lot I could do about it! Doesn't seem worth replacing the 25 blown bulbs so I think I'll be investing in some new ones! Until then , our tree will remain nude!
Both girls enjoyed their parties today and Em survived the party she went to at Roller City without any broken bones!
Okay, I'm signing off to head for my bed!


Anonymous said...

love this LO so much, nekeed christmas tree, eh!!
ours was for 24 hours too

Anonymous said...

LOVED this layout - it is fabby :)

Kelly said...

this is one fabby layout i love it all and please tell are them square buttons and where did you get them ?

Anonymous said...

Love the layout,and the blog.I had a clear up on the weekend and can thoruoghly recommend it to help aid creativity.

Paula said...

Beautiful! So colourful and full of life. Luv it. :)