Friday, December 29, 2006

And so it begins!!

The clearing and the sorting, that is!
Yesterday me and the girls started to go through their rooms in an attempt to wittle down the piles of 'stuff' around everywhere! We did well, Em condensed four boxes down to one and Holly managed to part with a few things too! She has also finally decided to put her Bob The Builder toys away too :(. She has loved those toys since she was tiny!( I know she is growing up...but I'm not finding it easy! )They will be lovingly packed up and put in the loft! But hopefully it will give us a bit more space to rearrange her shelves etc.
Seems like ages since I've scrapped.....! I've ordered some yummy new paper today though and am hoping that will inspire me! I also need to make a start on sorting through my stash and down-sizing somewhat!
The weather here is pretty dire today - wet and windy ! So we are staying in and watching tv - Muppet Treasure Island at present !
So , are you making any resolutions for the New Year? I always end up breaking them but there are a few things I HAVE to do this year! Yep, the weight thing is the main one but also to get myself more organised, do things when I say I will and generally be more efficient! There are other things but I can't quite find the right way of putting them into writing but they are there in my head!
And on that note I am off to sort out my Robox!!
I'll leave you a pic taken during the pressie opening on Christmas Day!

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Anonymous said...

snap, loose weight, become more organised, and just be a genral goddess!!
your two are such goofs!!